Miranda Kerr: Chic Illustrated

Miranda Kerr, the model mostly known for her work with Victoria’s Secret, is on the cover of Jalouse February 2013 issue. Dressed in designer clothes and showing off little skin, Miranda Kerr looked gorgeous in this shoot. Her makeup on the magazine cover makes her look as if she came out of a Tim Burton movie.

Miranda might look pretty in these photos, but I don’t consider this one of her best shoots.

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Have you heard who’s the new face of Mango? Kate Moss? Kate Moss who? It’s Miranda Kerr, yup it was time for Kate Moss to give up the crown. She looks gorgeous in the new Mango campaign! What am I saying? She’s always gorgeous no matter what she’s doing or wearing. Oh and she also looks gorgeous when she’s leaving the gym, how come I can’t look like that when I leave the gym? Eh.

Here are the pictures from Miranda Kerr’s Mango campaign:



I’m not a Mango fan, but I love this look!



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(Pictures from Marie Claire)