Super Bowl 2013: Beyoncé rocks the stage at halftime

One of the things that people really look forward to at the Super Bowl isn’t really the game itself, but the halftime performances! What many of us have been waiting for was Beyonce’s performance, and we were excited to know which songs she’ll sing or who will be the guest stars in her performance. All these and more is what kept us anticipated and excited to see her performance. Especially after those teaser pictures she posted on her Instagram account!


On Sunday we finally saw the performance and it was just amazing. Beyonce of course looked beautiful and gorgeous as always, and her performance plus looks made my heart stop, yup just like what Mindy Kaling described it to be. The Bootylicious star opened her show singing a snippet of “Love On Top,” and then changing to  “Crazy In love,” and the only disappointment was that Jay-Z not joining her in the performance. Can you imagine how crazy it would be if he did? Anyway, moving on, she continued her show with constant movement and her crazy dance movements that as we all knows require a lot of fitness! Haha, if you don’t agree with that let me see do that. By the end, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland joined Beyonce as they jumped on staged, and so the Destiny’s Child girls were reunited.

And for all you people interested in fashion that loved the leather outfit she wore, her ensemble was made by a designer called Rubin Singer. He’s not a well-known designer, but Beyonce has been rocking his pieces since 2010. And this Super Bowl outfit might just change his career. He not only designed Beyonce’s outfit, but Michelle Williams’ and the 120 backup



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