So the rumours we’ve been hearing are true. Oh yes, Alexander Wang is the new creative director for Balenciaga. Mr. Wang is popular for his street-style and edgy work, and that worries some fashionistas because it’s far different from Balenciaga. But I’m sure his first collection will wow us. Aren’t you just excited to find out what he’ll be doing?


Alexander Wang

Let’s see fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld’s thoughts on this news:


Karl Lagerfeld

“Considering how hard it is to replace a man such as Nicolas Ghesquière, the best solution is to choose someone completely different. As the impression we have had so far is that Mr. Pinault [CEO of PPR, which owns Balenciaga] very much wants to ‘expand’ this area of the business, I believe that Alexander Wang is the best man for the job.

His fashion is easier, his personality is more open to the world and he has very good contacts. People ‘adore’ Alexander, I too like him very much and I think he is a good choice in light of the fashion house’s future projects. Furthermore, his origins will prove to be very helpful in parts of the world where fashion is most important as well as the luxury industry.”

Yes, we all adore you Alexander!

Love you ❤


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